Corporate Social Responsibility

We respect the environment, avoiding any possible contamination of our operations; minimizing the generation of waste and more efficient use of natural and energy resources.

Comply with laws, regulations, standards and practices, while respecting the legitimate contracts and commitments.

We welcome the generation, highlighting the efforts of individuals, organizations and companies are working towards a more just and productive society, sponsoring and supporting these initiatives.

Maldonado Explorations in the country, every day not only seeks resources and mineral reserves, but the possibility that these represent welfare and best days for Bolivian family.


Maldonado Exploraciones

  • Calle Gabriel René Moreno N° 1340, La Paz
    San Miguel Calacoto
  • Phone 2771020
  • www.maldonadodrill.com
  • info@maldonadodrill.com
  • La Paz - Bolivia

Maldonado Exploraciones S.A.

  • Providencia 1308
  • Phone (56 2) 264 0256
  • www.maldonadodrill.com
  • infocl@maldonadodrill.com
  • Santiago de Chile
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