The company is in constant renovation to become every day more competitive and hold and place in the future through more and better services in:

  • Orientation of cores.
  • Heavy equipment rental.
  • Diamond Drilling

Surface drilling.

In PQWL, HQWL, NQWL and BQWL diameters, at angles between 0º and 90º from horizontal line, and with a depth capacity of 1400 meters with NQWL diameter.

Underground drilling.

In HQWL, NQWL and BQWL diameters, at any angle and with a depth capacity of 1000 meters with BQWL diameter.

  • Reverse Circulation drilling.
  • Drilling and construction of production wells and / or drainage of water.
  • Drilling for empowerment of piezometers, monitoring, and other vibrating string.
  • Geotechnical tests (Le Franc and Lugeon test, SPT, CPTU).
  • Drilling of geothermal wells.
  • Auger
  • Civil works.


Maldonado Exploraciones

  • Calle Gabriel René Moreno N° 1340, La Paz
    San Miguel Calacoto
  • Phone 2771020
  • La Paz - Bolivia

Maldonado Exploraciones S.A.

  • Providencia 1308
  • Phone (56 2) 264 0256
  • Santiago de Chile
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